An reader reminded me of this funny song by Gordon & Phirm called “We Didn’t Start the 80s” which is sung to the tune of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire”. The song manages to include a huge list of eighties pop culture memories from music to tv and toys. What were you’re favorites?

We Didn’t Start The 80s Lyrics, Sing along and try to keep up!

Time to kinda look back, think about your youth.
Y’know, the defining decade for our childhood was the 80s:

Debbie Gibson, Motley Crue, Max Headroom, Scooby Doo, Jon Bon Jovi, Teddy Ruxpin, Reagan sheds a tear
Transformers, Silver Spoons, 99 Red Balloons, Mork & Mindy, Muppet Babies, Mr. Belvedere

Ghostbusters, China Beach, Blair and Tootie, Zach and Screech, Michael Milkin broke the law, Madonna wore a pointy bra
Knight Rider, G.I. Joe, Stay In School, Just Say No, Tiffany, Lean On Me, Mr. Furley, Mr. T

We didn’t start the 80s, they were burnin’ strong since we gave up Pong
We didn’t start the 80s, we were drivin’ Yugos and we loved Menudo

Miami Vice, Andrew Dice, Bobby Bland, Vanilla Ice, Donkey Kong, Pac-man, Contra scandal in Iran
Rubik’s Cube, Bill & Ted, Ferris Buehler, sick in bed, Ayatollah tried to kill us — “What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”

Punk rockers, Jimmy Walker, Noriega, Night Stalker, Boy George, Woody Boyd, Where’s The Beef, Avoid The Noid
New Kids On The Block, Smurf, Snorks, Fraggle Rock, Cosby Show, Alf & Fame, Corey Feldman, Corey Haim

We didn’t start the 80s, we had Bird and Magic and Inspector Gadget
We didn’t start the 80s, Gary Hart’s romancin’ and we loved break dancin’

McDLT, Double Whopper, Billy Idol, Cyndi Lauper, Soviet Union in a frenzy, Punky Brewster, Spuds MacKenzie
A-Team and Top Gun, Salman Rushdie on the run, Pop Rocks, Brat Pack, Michael Jackson was still black

Kirk Cameron, Donald Trump, John Travolta’s ten-year slump, ThunderCats, Mighty Mouse, Pee-Wee Herman’s crazy house
Flashdance, Footloose, John Belushi’s drug abuse, Swatch watch, Lite-Brite, Oprah had an appetite

He-Man, Care Bears, rippin’ jeans, crimpin’ hair, Who’s The Boss, Growing Pains, Ricky Schroeder’s choo-choo train
Dukes of Hazzard, Rocky IV, Exxon oil washed ashore,
Alvin, Simon, Theodore, I can’t take it anymore

We didn’t start the 80s, we had Mony, Mony and My Little Pony
We didn’t start the 80s, though we always diss ‘em and you gotta miss ‘em…